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#21 boss



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Postado 25 maio 2015 - 03:20

>sleep pega na tela inteira (e fora dela)


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#22 Scooby


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Postado 25 maio 2015 - 03:40

não sei qual o raio dela atualmente e nem o radio dela na época desse video, mas n posso pesquisar por motivos de: filtros e firewalls do ministério público aqui.

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[ I'm not the hero of this story ]




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Postado 25 maio 2015 - 03:54

nabuco 2tronk de WD



E minha CM, ã ã ã

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#24 Choppz


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Postado 25 maio 2015 - 10:03

Esse Sleep te deixa invulnerável, sozinho ele não faz nada.
E no próprio vídeo mostra que mesmo combado com outros ults não é um enorme problema. Chato é o time gankar ela e ela ultar e dar tp pra fugir e_e
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#25 boss



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Postado 26 maio 2015 - 10:47

Eu to ligado que o sleep deixa invulnerável, porém qual o raio? Tá pegando fora da tela, isso porque estamos vendo como espectador que a câmera é mais longe não?

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#26 Kami


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Postado 26 maio 2015 - 01:34

Primeira jogada


0. This happened off-screen and prior to this. Dire side (Naga Siren, Dark Seer, Tidehunter, Puck, Lina) is doing a wraparound while Radiant team (Enigma, Rubick, Shadow Shaman, Enchantress, Juggernaut) is destroying the tier 1 tower in the bottom lane. Dark Seer used surge on Naga Siren to give her max move speed. Naga Siren used Sleep, her ultimate skill which puts all enemy heroes to sleep (unable to use item, skills, move or attack). Conversely, you can't do anything to enemies while they are under the effect of sleep either. 


0:00 While the Radiant team is under the effect of sleep, the Dire team moves into position while Naga Siren uses Mirror Image to create illusions of herself. 


0:35 Dark Seer casts Vacuum, which brings 4 Radiant heroes to the bright shiny glow in the middle. Radiant heroes Shadow Shaman (upper left), Enigma (middle), Enchantress (right), and Rubick (lower left) are pulled in (positions relative to the cast point of Vacuum. 


1:05 Naga casts Riptide, denoted from the splash around her illusions, and ends the sleep (Sleep is one of a few skills that can be manually ended earlier if desired). THIS PART IS IMPORTANT: At the same time, Juggernaut (Radiant) uses Blade Fury (spinning red samurai thing on the upper right), which renders him unable to attack using his normal attack, but more importantly makes him immune to most magical effects. The skill also deals significant magic damage in itself. Enigma enables his Black King Bar, an item which also grants the user immunity to most magical effect. Juggernaut also begins to move towards Naga Siren to catch the enemy team in the radius of his Blade Fury. 


1:14 THIS IS IMPORTANT. Rubick (green guy with a staff) uses his Force Staff, an item that quickly moves a hero the direction he's facing, to get out of the middle of the fight. This move will prove itself critical later. 


1:23 Tidehunter (big green guy slightly to the left) uses Ravage, a skill that shoots tentacles out of the ground in a large radius around himself. It stuns and deals significant damage. Four heroes are caught in the radius (Rubick Force Staff'd himself out of danger previously) but two of them are currently immune to magic (Juggernaut and Enigma) so only Enchantress and Shadow Shaman takes the hit. From the lower left part of the screen, Puck uses Illusory Orb, which shoots an orb that deals damage while travelling in a straight and you can teleport to it (which Puck will do later). 


1:50 Tidehunter tries to use Anchor Smash, which reduces the damage dealt by enemies around him. He starts the animation but doesn't finish it. This detail will be important later. 


2:00 THIS IS THE TURN OF THE TIDE. Lina's (almost offscreen at the bottom center) Light Strike Array (deals damage and stuns after 1.6 seconds) lands, and Enigma casts Black Hole, an ultimate skill that drags everyone around it into the center of the hole while dealing damage and making them unable to do anything. The difference between Black Hole and Sleep is that you can still be attacked while under the influence of Black Hole. Three of Dire's heroes are caught (Naga, Dark Seer, and Tidehunter). Lina gets Telekinesis'ed by Rubick (offscreen), which lifts her up and renders her disabled for the duration.


2:14 Puck jaunts to her orb, which is in the cast radius of Black Hole. This is a mistake made by Puck, as by then it is pointless to do so. Puck, consequently, gets dragged in. 


2:16 THIS IS IMPORTANT. Rubick uses Spell Steal, which steals the last spell used by a hero, on Tidehunter. You can see an image of Tidehunter being absorbed by Rubick in the lower right. 


2:54 Enchantress uses her item Mekansm, which heals the team by 250 HP and increases their armour. You can see the green +250 text around. Shadow Shaman moves north out of the fight and Rubick moves north into the fight. 


3:20 Telekenesis ends and Lina drops back to the ground.


3:24 Rubick uses Ravage, which was stolen from Tidehunter. All Dire heroes are affected. 


3:31 Shadow Shaman uses ether shock Ether Shock, hitting four targets (only Lina is too far away). 


3:52 Puck dies. 


4:12 Rubick uses Fade Bolt, a green tinged chain lightning kind of skill. Hits the remaining three heroes in the Black Hole area and kills Dark Seer and Naga Siren.


4:29 Tidehunter tries to use Anchor Smash again, but is cancelled by Shadow Shaman's skill called Hex, which turns an enemy into a chicken. You have no skills and can't use items while hexed. Radiant focused their right-click attacks on Tidehunter.


4:43 and onwards. Tidehunter falls, and Radiant turns their focus on Lina (bottom/offscreen) to complete the teamwipe. All five of Radiant's heroes survived, while Dire lost all their heroes. 





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#27 Link


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Postado 26 maio 2015 - 03:45

range de 1250, pega a tela inteira é que na jogada como estava a noite e os oponentes estavam no highground ele não tinha a visão de todos só dos 2 primeiros.

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#28 Gusty



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Postado 27 maio 2015 - 02:05

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#29 Scooby


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Postado 28 maio 2015 - 06:37

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[ I'm not the hero of this story ]



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